Monday, November 8, 2010

Jon Rose and the evolution of the violin

Jon Rose has been a mainstay of experimental and improvised music in Australia since the 1970s. Artefacts Volume 2 includes two tracks that feature Rose in different improvising ensembles featuring the likes of Rik Rue and Tony Hobbs.

Rose has been prolific in his work as an improvisor, composer and explorer or new instruments, whether they be bicycle powered orchestras or the use of Australian outback fences as string instruments that are often thousands of kilometres in length. One constant point of interest throughout Rose's career has been the exploration of the violin as a new kind of instrument.

Since 1987, Rose's Palimpolin Project has been steadily developing around the concept of an interactive violin bow that incorporates electronics into violin performance. Rose will perform with the latest incarnation of the interactive bow at the Artefacts Volume 2 launch concert.

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