Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Artefacts Volume II - cover preview

Here is a preview of the cover for Artefacts volume II:

The background image is from the detail of a painting by Melbourne-based artist Asher Bilu called Zone 2 (1974). As well as being an established visual artist, Bilu has also worked in experimental music throughout his career. An excerpt from a 1982 piece he realised with Duncan McGuire on a Fairlight synthesiser entitled "AMAZE" is featured on Artefacts Volume II. Two other paintings from Bilu's Zone series also feature prominently in the cover and disc art.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Track listing for Artefacts of Australian experimental music: volume II

The tracklisting for Artefacts of Australian experimental music: volume II 1974-1984 double CD will be:

Disc A
01 Warren Burt 'Nighthawk, part 3 Bittern' excerpt (1975-6)
02 Ron Nagorcka 'Atom Bomb' excerpt (1977)
03 The Loop Orchestra 'First recording, live to air, the percussion section of the Orchestra' excerpt (1983) - listen to a sample
04 Forced Audience 'Forced Audience' excerpts (1974-5)
05 Ros Bandt 'Variations II (II - flute & synthesiser)' excerpt (1974)
06 Carl Vine 'Block' excerpt (1975) - listen to a sample
07 Paul Turner 'Panels V' (1975) - listen to a sample
08 Tristram Cary 'Soft Walls' excerpt (1980)
09 Asher Bilu & Duncan McGuire 'AMAZE' excerpt (1982)
10 Browning Mummery 'Do the Eyes of the Dead Retain Pictures' (1983) - listen to sample
11 Severed Heads 'Dance' (1980)
12 Ian Hartley 'Train Je Taime' (1981)
13 Kurt Volentine 'Vortex Street' (1983) - listen to a sample

Disc B
01 Essendon Airport 'Do the Flowerpot' (1978)
02 Tsk Tsk Tsk 'Nice Noise Theme' (1979)
03 The Primitive Calculators 'I Can't Stop It' (1979)
04 Purple Vulture Shit 'Do a Shit' (1983)
05 Voigt/465 'F1' (1979) - listen to a sample
06 Signals 'Illuminator & Icebreaker' excerpt (1979) - listen to a sample
07 Ad Hoc 'Blue from Beyond the Sea' excerpt (1980)
08 Rik Rue/Jon Rose/Peter Kelly 'Eating Cabbage' (1978) - listen to a sample
09 Jon Rose/Tony Hobbs 'In Memorian Tony Hobbs' (1978)
10 A+D '(T)D+T' (1980)
11 Justinstinkt 'Drainpipe' (1981) - listen to a sample
12 Arthur Cantrill 'The Second Journey (to Uluru)' excerpt (1981)
13 Les Gilbert 'The Genoa River, Wangerabell' excerpt (1983)
14 IDA 'MeMoMu' (1980)
15 Sarah Hopkins 'Double Whirly Duo' (1983) - listen to a sample

This double CD is due for release on Shame File Music (distributed through Fuse in Australia) in November 2010. A launch concert event will be held in Melbourne - stay tuned for details.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do that dance! Aust post punk 1977-83 - radio programme and interviews online

The Do That Dance: Australian post punk 1977-83 radio programme that recently aired on ABC Radio National is now available online.

Part 1 - Sydney: www.abc.net.au/rn/hindsight/stories/2010/2946088.htm
Part 2 - Melbourne: www.abc.net.au/rn/hindsight/stories/2010/2946102.htm

Also online is the extra material - Sean O'Brien interviews with Ernie Althoff, Ros Bandt, Warren Burt and David Chesworth, plus photos: http://chcmctapes.tumblr.com/

This documentary features several artists who are featured on the upcoming Artefacts of Australian experimental music: volume II 1974-1983 double CD, including Warren Burt, Ros Bandt, Essendon Airport, IDA, Voigt/465, Severed Heads, Primitive Calculators, Tsk Tsk Tsk and more. Part 2 on Melbourne in particular focusses on experimental music activity during this period.